the Exodus Evenings | Sudan
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XODUS EXTRA in collaboration with and Ru Paré:



For more than half a year people are organizing massive protests, strikes and acts of civil-disobedience in Sudan. Protests erupted about rising costs of living but turned against the dictatorship soon. Sudan has a history of revolutions (1964, 1985) and mass protests as recent as 2012. This time protests are driven by the Sudanese Professional Association. Women play a central role. The Sudanese masses were able to drive dictator al-Bashir from power, but the army is still holding on to power.


In June the army used brutal violence in order to disperse the on-going sit-in in front of the military headquarters in Khartoum. More than a hundred people were brutally killed, many hundreds more were wounded and many women were raped. The army tries to defeat the revolution and has international support from states like Saudi-Arabia and Egypt.


On the 10th of july 2019 leading activists from the Sudanese diaspora in the Netherlands will talk about the Sudanese (counter) revolution. What is the scale of the violence and state repression of the movement? How can the movement succeed? What can we do from the Netherlands to organize solidarity?


10th July 2019
Ru Pare Community – Chris Lebeaustraat 4, Amsterdam
More details on our Facebook page and event